Kitchen, Dining area, and Bar/Osteria


Naturally, the kitchen is the epicentre of the two apartments and is decorated in honour of everything food. We believe that the happiest moments happen around the dinner table, which is why our 8-person dining table is central to our kitchen. The spacious kitchen, including kitchen island is fully equipped with state-of-the-art appliances such as a fan oven, dishwasher, induction cooktop and Nespresso machine. We hope the black and white ‘film stills’ taken from iconic Italian movies that decorate the walls will inspire many delicious lunches and dinners. Each film represented is also available in the DVD collection of the Mambo apartment.

Outside living
Big sliding doors separate the kitchen area from the outside portico (our covered patio). Here you can enjoy a glass of wine at the bar table, or relax in the generous lounge area next to the old (and now beautifully lit) well. The patio gives access to the large back garden and swimming pool.

At the front of Casa Monteverdi you find the outside bar and Osteria. This is where the former Italian owners, their families, neighbours and friends would cool off during the hot summers.  The original wood-burning pizza-oven has stolen our hearts as well as those of our guests. There is plenty of wood. According to the incredibly hospitable former lady-of-the-house, Rita Ferrero, here is where they had a longstanding tradition of family festivities. Everyone was welcome as they dined for hours on the long wooden tables. The real Italian lifestyle: la vita è bella!