Garden and swimming pool


We have always loved beautifully lush gardens with rolling lawns, colourful flowerbeds, fruit trees, herbs and wild grass. Inspired by the passionate stories of winemaker friends we fell in love with the Barbera grape and wished to grow our own fruit and vegetables.

Restored to its former glory
With the help of the fantastic Italian garden designer Sylvia Delpiano and our gardener Bram Huyghe, our garden became a project as time and labour intensive as our house.

The wonderful view overlooking the Barbera vineyards has been restored, and has provided us with a stockpile of wood that will last for years. The old vineyard has been replanted, and the overgrown land behind the Osteria has been turned into a flower-rich, grass play area. The courtyard now looks like you’d expect an old farmhouse’s courtyard to look, with striking bushes and plenty of room for dinners at the large wooden table. The rustic staircase brings you to the lower garden with our fruit orchard, the newly planted hazelnut trees and two more flower terraces.

Swimming pool and well
Our stunning swimming pool forms the centre of our back garden, a delightful sun-filled lawn paradise, which, using one of our fire pits, turns into a great, quiet place to relax late into the night. The garden gets watered in the middle of the night using the water from our well and rainwater that gets collected in large underground tanks. The swimming pool uses a new electrolysis technology, which turns salt into natural chlorine, the amounts of which are barely noticeable. The result is soft, clear, lightly salted, safe water to dive into, without getting dry and irritable eyes and skin.